A New Perspective on 360 Reviews

Who loves annual reviews? Absolutely no one. But with SkillCycle’s 360 reviews, you get more than just a feedback session — it’s a continuous collaboration with the tools and resources needed to act on areas of improvement quickly and easily. Get out of the end-of-year review rut and start providing your people with timely, actionable feedback to help them improve their worklife success — and your company’s bottom line.

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For many companies, performance management is a single point-in-time exercise because there’s often not another option - how can you operationalize 360 reviews without the tech to make it painless?


360 Reviews

Our Goal Tracking & Performance Management tool neatly ties together previously disconnected data from annual reviews & performance feedback and connects it to personal learning goals and business objectives. This allows for continuous 360 feedback and growth that encourages active learning, development, and skillbuilding throughout the year that benefits both your employees and your bottom line.

Set and share goals for your teams so organizational expectations are clear

Our competitors get it wrong because they're only offering...

Ah, the familiar horror of the annual review: these types of platforms issue performance reviews like report cards, with results that can take employees by surprise, and have no accompanying strategy to build up the identified skills gaps. Without being tied to learning & development, goals, or business success, these platforms don’t do much more than provide a blow to the ego of your workforce once a year.