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The SkillCycle Platform takes your company’s core values and business goals and helps your people align their personal ambitions directly with critical performance outcomes — automagically. The platform nurtures the intrinsic motivation of each employee with timely resources and 1:1 coaching to propel performance in clearly measurable ways, ensuring ROI on talent development is no longer a mystery. 

Simple and Flexible Setup: Build dynamic goal and performance cycles that define how you want to evaluate your teams with clear timelines and a clear process.

Dynamic Goal Alignment: Synchronize personal, professional, and organizational objectives for holistic growth and facilitate progress tracking and communication.

Values Integration: Incorporate values and competencies into the development pathway, fostering a culture of coherence and commitment. Now employees can connect authentically to the company’s mission.

Skills Competency: Provide clear focus areas within competency & skills frameworks, enabling targeted development and highlighting the benefits of strategic skill enhancement.