coaching dashboard

Through SkillCycle, employees gain access to a diverse pool of over 300 ICF-certified coaches, offering expertise across various business domains. This personalized coaching is available in multiple languages and can be accessed on-demand, ensuring that employees have support exactly when they need it. The platform facilitates the selection of coaches by allowing employees to review coach profiles and expertise, aligning coaching sessions with the employee’s development needs and schedules. This robust support system is designed to keep employees on track towards achieving their career goals while contributing to the company’s objectives.


Unlimited coaching for 12-month contract duration (30- or 60-minute sessions)

Coaches with varying business backgrounds and areas of key expertise that they leverage when working with learners.

Access to over 300 ICF-certified coaches and the ability to review coach bios and schedule coach interviews before selecting a coach

Multilingual coaches, fluent in English, Spanish, German, Romanian, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Hindi, Punjabi, and more

Insights dashboard and detailed 360 reporting and analytics