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Capture the spark of group coaching efficiently with SkillCycle to drive a positive culture, teamwork, and learning that goes beyond the sessions. With a fixed-timing model that’s easier to manage to plan around, organizations find this approach increases togetherness, awareness, and heighten emotional intelligence that fosters a culture of learning and a growth mindset. And with SkillCycle, you can take advantage of our microlearning library, performance management tools, and one-on-one coaching marketplace to ensure the lessons learned extend well beyond the group coaching sessions.


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Finally - a group coaching platform that breaks down silos and nurtures collaboration

Learning technology hasn’t always kept up with developments in the field, rapid digitization, and the increasing desire for a clear learning path - leaving the onus on HR teams to cobble group coaching together themselves.


Group Coaching

SkillCycle is grounded in the premise that the coach-learner relationship is the key to personal and business growth. And building a culture of learning means fostering team building and togetherness through group coaching initiatives that result in performance.

Aligning personal, team, and organizational goals is critical to nurturing a culture of learning and a growth mindset. Group coaching the SkillCycle way brings together all of the tools teams need today to carry the spark of group coaching sessions into their daily activities and goal acheivement. 

Initially built as a platform to connect employees to skilled coaches, SkillCycle evolved quickly into an all-in-one platform that ties together the four pillars of HR tech: coaching, a learning & development platform, workforce insights, and performance management. We’ve built this tech to seamlessly tie it all together, with a design that’s easy for both users and admin to navigate.

Confidential coaching and mentoring provides the support and targeted learning to raise their performance

Our competitors fall short by focusing too narrowly as:

There are some things that can’t be AI-powered: selecting coaches is one of them. “AI Matchmaker” solutions choose the coaches for your employees, using AI algorithms to decide how those relationships should be built. Whether you’re newly matched with a coach every time, or you’re paired with a coach you don’t connect with, these platforms clearly don’t understand the value in trusting your employees to choose their own learning path.

The skills required for jobs have changed by approximately 25% since 2015 and prioritizing learning will help your employees and your company meet business goals. HR teams are often tasked with finding this learning, with the onus on them to choose the learning paths & determining the type of learning each employee might need. If employees are tasked with it, they’re faced with the paradox of choice: with too many options, they become overwhelmed and abandon their learning.  

LMS Dinosaurs are the O.G. learning experience platforms, but they were built out of necessity, often cobbled together out of platforms that only partially achieve their intended goals. The heaviest lift for HR teams, these systems require extensive in-house training and maintenance to keep afloat, & they’re still not able to tie learning, goals, and competencies together to produce workforce data insights.