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SkillCycle’s Coaching Marketplace is designed with learners in mind, empowering them to interview and select a coach that they connect with. While 90% of learning and development is forgotten in a week, the efficacy of one-on-one coaching lasts and produces a 70% improvement in performance. By letting the experts handle the upskilling, managers and other leaders have more flexibility to do what they do best.


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Our competitors fall short because they're only designed for:

How often do we sign on for a position that offers coaching as a benefit, only to find that it’s only offered to managers and up? Coaching platforms that prioritize people who are already leaders leave no space for identifying future leaders, or encouraging growth for people who may not be leaders but are valued individual contributors. Just because someone isn’t an executive doesn’t mean their upskilling can’t help them to help your organization meet business goals!

These “coaching” platforms are simply a space for employees to log into for a venting session when they’re having a work-related crisis. While a coach might provide guidance in that moment, these platforms are not tied to skillbuilding or true solution-driven learning & development.

Some coaching providers position themselves as mental health professionals and accredited career coaches. While we’re firm believers in both, coaching and skillbuilding are enormously different from therapy or mental health counseling. Addressing mental health issues that come up because of work does not address the crux of the problem: skills gaps, unmet goals, or unclear performance reviews that are causing said mental health issues.

Not all platforms understand the importance of one-on-one coaching, coach continuity, or the value (and, let’s face it, ROI) that comes with learners being able to select their own coaches.


One-on-One Coaching

Our coaching platform has never been exclusive to executives only (though we do have executive coaches for those who would like to work with them). We believe that growth for any individual contributes to the growth of the business, and ensure that our coaches can work with anyone at any point in their professional journey.

SkillCycle’s coaches’ goals are to help develop and grow their learners’ strengths to handle a work-related crisis themselves, building an individualized toolkit each learner can turn to not only in that moment, but to use before a crisis. The more we empower your employees to grow, develop new skills, and lean into learning & development, the more effective they will be in handling these challenges as – or before – they surface.

We tackle the issue at its root. With about one-third of our lives spent at work, the effect of our worklife on our mental health isn’t one to be ignored. But instead of treating the symptoms of work-related struggles, our coach community works with your employees to get to the root cause: developing soft and hard skills to help meet those struggles and conquer them before they become overpowering.

Some of SkillCycle's 150+ Coaches

SkillCycle’s coaches approach coaching from different angles, with specialties in subjects like Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Teamwork, and Career Readiness. They range across 22+ countries, speak over 20 languages, and have professional backgrounds in many different industries.