What we value

SkillCycle has always stood firm in its support of the LGBTQIA+ community, and we also want to highlight and celebrate the worklife stories of our LGBTQIA+ employees. From English professors to military members to religious studies, their professional stories are each a tapestry of different paths to success that run parallel to their personal ones of growth and pride in what they do and who they are.

Our Team

As Vice President of Sales at SkillCycle, Justin Dile is a testament to resilience and authenticity. His personal journey, marked by overcoming adversity -  including a period of homelessness as a young gay man - has shaped his approach to leadership, fostering a deep understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion. Beyond his professional role, Justin is deeply engaged with his community as the Director of Coordination for BOS in Philadelphia, organizing events, raising funds, and creating safe spaces for his local LGBTQIA+ community. Justin's story serves as a powerful reminder of the richness of diversity at SkillCycle and the limitless potential within each of us when we embrace who we truly are.

Justin Dile

Vice President, Sales

Jack is SkillCycle’s Manager of Revenue Operations. As a gay man, he has had to develop resilience and self-assurance to embrace his authentic self while maneuvering through the complexities of corporate culture. Since joining SkillCycle, he has encountered colleagues and leaders who celebrate diversity, fostering an environment where he can thrive and contribute his best work. Outside of work he enjoys lake life with his partner and 3 dogs, interior design, and college football.

Jack Peterson

Manager of Revenue Operations

At heart, Andrew is an educator focused on building equity and equality in opportunities to grow. Before joining SkillCycle, he spent ten years in higher education as an English professor. Now as VP of Customer Success, Andrew has brought the dual lens of that higher education experience and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community to ensure the experience we give our clients remains grounded in equity and high-impact learner experiences. Andrew lives just outside of Philadelphia with his husband and enjoys using his free time to read, try new board games, and watch anything Marvel puts in a movie theater or on TV. 

Andrew Hibschman

Vice President, Customer Success

Karl is a SkillCycle Executive Coach. In 1:1 coaching he has catalyzed the People Practice of company founders, vice presidents and line managers. Individual contributors in organizations across design, technology, health care and hospitality all over the world have radically shifted their approach to work, boosting their performance while taking excellent care of themselves. Karl has learned to embrace his intersectional identity fiercely as a gay, Black, Jamaican-American man. Maverick always in introspection and deep thoughts about, well almost everything about the human experience, Karl finds purpose in linking with diverse others to surf life’s wild adventure. Karl and his husband enjoy going to warm places in winter to discover new countries, beaches, food and quiet spaces – a new less traveled path.

Karl Stewart

Executive Coach

SkillCycle’s Marketing Director of Growth has lived many lives in a short time, with degrees in Medieval History and Cultural Heritage Studies from the University of Oxford and UCL respectively, and a professional history as an app developer, interior designer, cake decorator, & data analyst. Every twist & turn in her professional life has been part of her journey as a queer woman to find the career and company that fills her with purpose and creates space for her instead of forcing her to fit into it.

Emma Quarnstrom

Director of Growth for Marketing

Before becoming SkillCycle’s Content Marketing Manager, Izzy worked for several corporate and start up organizations, spearheading their creative strategy by bringing life into their brand appearance and experience. Izzy graduated with a Media degree where they invested a majority of their time as a Religious Studies minor due to a curiosity about evidence and explanation surrounding religion and gender. Their passion for producing factual, engaging material exposed to the world is first and foremost for fulfillment in their career.

Izzy Esber

Content Marketing Manager

Worklife Success & Celebration Panel

Watch the roundtable conversation with SkillCycle LGBTQAI+ team members for an insightful discussion on identity in the workplace.