Why work with us?

At SkillCycle, we work with you to create a pain-free, learner-focused program for you, your business, and your team.

Identify strengths, development areas and trends over time with each assessment and survey

Kelly Chow

Belharra Therapeutics

"At Belharra Therapeutics, we know that our ability to disrupt the drug discovery paradigm and positively impact human health is powered by our people. We’re thrilled to be partnering with SkillCycle to support the growth and unlock the potential of our amazing crew. SkillCycle is enabling us to develop our team in a personalized and distinctive way. From the 360-feedback survey and analytics to measure the behaviors and values we care about most at Belharra Therapeutics, to the opportunity for each employee to interview and select the right coach for them, SkillCycle enables us to support the leadership and personal development of every single individual on our team in an unprecedented way."

Kate Valenti

COO, Unicon

"We have partnered with SkillCycle for our new leaders and it has been very impactful. We see them working more strategically, finding ways to influence others and think about the business more holistically. I know this was in part to the work they did with their coaches at SkillCycle."

Catherine Flatley

VP Strategic Sourcing & Content Operations, Savvas

"SkillCycle's services for both coaching and training were exactly what we were looking for. Their customer focus and ease of use platform led to positive outcomes for our teams."

Customer Success

Our team is your partner in the worklife success of your organization

  • Expert

    A platform built by HR professionals for HR professionals, and a Customer Success team guided directly by that expertise, our co-founder Rebecca Taylor heads this department. With 10+ years of experience in HR, she knows where you’re coming from, where your frustrations have been, and how stuck you feel. Our CS team is committed to helping you overcome these challenges and - crucially - achieve your organizational goals.

  • Knowledgeable

    The diverse professional background of our team means we’re constantly drawing from best practices from a variety of fields to build outcomes-driven learning programs. We know what gets results in an office, a classroom, a boardroom, and beyond. We work consultatively with our clients to guide, advise, and implement a program that meets their specific needs and achieves their definition of success.

  • Innovative

    Our customers are our innovation partners and vice versa. With a scalable platform to fit your specific business needs, our team is constantly looking for new and creative ways to solve the real, day-to-day challenges of our customers. Rather than rely only on what’s worked before for others, we build a solution that works now for you, meeting every customer at your own stage of growth.
    Your CS team will also introduce you to new product developments to help you and your team fully utilize our People Success OS.

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What to expect as you onboard as a SkillCycle customer

Your specific needs and goals as a customer have already been communicated to your CS team before we get your team onboarded, so they come in prepared to address those & focus onboarding training there from the outset. With support from our Engineering team, your implementation from start to finish is white-glove, ensuring that you have the tools necessary specifically to benefit your organization.

Onboarding is handled by your CS team to ensure that your team is prepared to use the platform to best practice immediately. No need to train yourself on every aspect in order to get your team up to speed - we do the heavy lifting for you!

Implementation & Onboarding

Our CS training support doesn’t disappear after formal onboarding is complete. We’re always available for additional training sessions for new users on the platform, or ongoing training to support your people. Our goal is to take the pressure off you by upskilling them quickly.


While members of your team may also engage with our Support team after deployment, our Customer Success team stays with you, too. We know that new challenges face HR teams constantly, and we’re here to help talk through strategy, engagement, and any of those newly arisen pain points to see how SkillCycle can best support you through them.


Data Security

How we keep you and your data safe

  • Security

    SkillCycle keeps your organization's data safe by ensuring that all industry-standard security compliance measures are met and exceeded to protect personally identifiable and organization information. Our platform and all data is hosted on secure cloud infrastructure and transmitted securely with 2048-bit encryption. Data is encrypted at the time of storage on dedicated servers, while all user authentication and access are secured and logged, undergoing continuous monitoring.

  • Platform Data Privacy

    The respect we have for everyone’s personalized learning journey is built into the platform’s functionality. Users are informed throughout the platform what their managers and their coaches have access to, and what is completely private to them. They can confidently work in our People Ops platform knowing that any goals, skill-building, and coaching session notes are not shared with others from their organization.