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8 Marketing Tips To Capture Gen Z

The Forbes Coaches Council has a new article on “the next up-and-coming young adult demographic: Generation Z.” The article features eight marketing tips to advertising to this new generation, which features input from eight of the Forbes council members, including our own CEO, Kristy McCann Flynn.

 The eight tips focus on:

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Image- and experience-based social posts
  3. Influencers
  4. Caring for social issues
  5. Building effective marketing campaigns
  6. Learning from Gen Z
  7. Unforgettable experiences
  8. Being more human


Kristy’s answer focuses on the humanity of those in Generation Z. “They are looking for humans, not just a laptop and a paycheck.” We must work hard to remember that “millennials” and “Gen Z” are just labels for younger people in an up-and-coming generation who often think differently than professionals with longer careers. Expectations are different because contexts have been different for every generation.

 Go deeper on the 8 marketing tips and read the whole article on Forbes.

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