Enabling Performance Management and Employee Development at Scale

diagram showing the full skillcycle plan

Automate development planning from “hire to retire”

We empower organizational leaders with an experience that enables teams, individuals, and companies to learn and grow together. Our simple, elegant, easy end-user experience drives effective performance management and employee development for your company. 

SkillCycle built the first unified performance platform, leveraging the best in technology and human coaching. We combine the best aspects of performance management tools and employee development to enable performance across your organization.

To fuel better performance across your organization, you must: 

  • Ensure employees understand what is expected of them when it comes to development and reaching company goals
  • Be able to clearly measure performance, and assess it fairly and equitably
  • Give employees the learning resources they need to achieve their goals and close any skill gaps 
  • Effectively tie individual goals and performance to that of the company as a whole 

We give you the tools you need to develop your workforce, so they can deliver the performance you need to make real progress toward organizational goals. 

Move beyond traditional employee performance management tools that keep your people leaders tied up in the wrong tasks for hours on end. Instead, focus on developing your people to bring them and your company to success.

See for yourself

SkillCycle drives continuous improvement from one platform with the best in technology, human coaching, and program support. Let us show you how!

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Dr. Romaine Thrower

Director of Programs

SkillCycle has been a very proactive and responsive partner. The entire team is truly invested in the growth and success of each participant that engages with their coaching platform. The SkillCycle team took the time to learn about our organization and the people we serve in order to design a partnership that expands our program’s coaching model and provides additional support to our participants as they navigate their new careers and focus on career growth.

SkillCycle Compared To Other Combined Software

  • Lattice

  • 15Five

  • Culture Amp

  • Connection to talent development
  • Multiple feedback collection points
  • Reporting to support promotion cycles and merit conversations
  • Employee-friendly experience
  • Skills inventory
  • Automated performance reviews
  • Real-time performance analysis
  • Individualized development plans