How Does SkillCycle Compare to 15Five?

How Does SkillCycle Compare to 15Five?

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Focused on the future that matters — a people powered one

There are some companies building HR tech software like us who aren’t being driven by a major investor like ServiceNow, and then there’s 15Five. SkillCycle is a tight-knit team led by an HR leader who had enough of the systems out there, so she decided to build her own. For what 15Five has in quantity, SkillCycle makes up for in quality — of the platform, ethical use of AI, and dedication to helping you solve HR’s toughest tasks.

In a world where the effectiveness of your organization hinges on the quality of your performance management system, SkillCycle surpasses the offerings of traditional systems like 15Five. At SkillCycle, we’re not just another software; we’re a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your performance management strategy to new heights.

Ready to redefine the boundaries of performance management with SkillCycle? Take your organization’s efficiency, growth, and employee satisfaction to levels beyond what traditional platforms like Lattice offer. SkillCycle is not just another platform; it’s your partner in cultivating a high-performance culture that drives success.

Customized Soutions for Your Business

Unlike 15Five’s generalized approach, the SkillCycle Platform ensures that your performance management strategy resonates with your organizational culture and goals. A human approach that leverages technology to drive results — instead of the other way around — is how you got from managing performance to driving it.

Engaging Experience

You no longer have to sacrifice depth and functionality to build an engaging experience that your people will love. The SkillCycle Platform is built people-first to ensure your people data inputs are useful. With 15Five, companies are required to align to their people data structures, resulting in redundancies and an overall time-consuming process from the C-suite all the way down. 

Innovate People Analytics

With SkillCycle, you gain access to cutting-edge analytics and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions about your team’s growth and development. Our platform goes beyond the capabilities of 15Five by offering predictive analytics that provide a forward-looking perspective on performance management.

Continuous and Comprehensive Feedback

Unlike the periodic review processes often associated with 15Five, SkillCycle promotes a culture of continuous feedback and development. Our 360-degree feedback mechanism ensures that performance management is an ongoing conversation, fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment.

Effortless Integration

In today’s digital age, your performance management system should seamlessly integrate with your existing HR tech stack. SkillCycle offers smooth integrations that enhance, rather than hinder, your operational efficiency, a step ahead of the integration capabilities found with 15Five.

SkillCycle Compared to Other Performance Management Tools

  • Lattice

  • 15Five

  • Culture Amp

  • Connection to talent development
  • Multiple feedback collection points
  • Reporting to support promotion cycles and merit conversations
  • Employee-friendly experience
  • Skills inventory
  • Automated performance reviews
  • Real-time performance analysis
  • Individualized development plans