How Does SkillCycle Compare to Lattice?

How Does SkillCycle Compare to Lattice?

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Elevating Performance Management Beyond Lattice

Selecting a performance management tool is a big step for any organization. Whether you’re looking to move beyond the extensions in your HRIS system or implement one from scratch, SkillCycle compares favorably to the most popular tools. Not only because of the platform’s performance management tool gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t, but because we connect development goals directly to performance outcomes. 

Lattice is an excellent tool for big enterprise customers who only look back to analyze past performance to identify the A players on their teams. But you’re here because you need to identify and develop your A players. That’s where SkillCycle untangles Lattice.

SkillCycle is not just another platform; it’s your partner in cultivating a high-performance culture that drives success. Ready to redefine the boundaries of performance management with SkillCycle? 

Customized Soutions for Your Business

While Lattice provides a one-size-fits-all approach, SkillCycle believes in customization. Our platform adapts to your unique business needs, ensuring that your performance management system feels like it was built just for you.

Intuitive User Experience

Your people need to love using performance and development tools. That’s why the SkillCycle Platform is user-friendly and designed to ensure managers and employees can easily navigate their performance journeys — unlike the more complex systems often encountered with platforms like Lattice. 

Comprehensive Performance Insights

Beyond traditional performance tracking, SkillCycle offers deep insights and analytics. Understand not just where you are, but where you can go. Our predictive analytics push the boundaries of what performance management platforms can do, offering foresight Lattice simply can’t match.

360-Degree Feedback & Development

SkillCycle takes feedback and development to a new level. With continuous, 360-degree feedback mechanisms, our platform ensures that performance management is a holistic, ongoing process. This contrasts with the more periodic review systems offered by Lattice, allowing for real-time growth and development.

Seamless Integration

Your tools should work together as smoothly as your teams do. SkillCycle integrates seamlessly with your existing suite of tools and software, making the transition and day-to-day operations smoother than ever. While Lattice offers integration capabilities, SkillCycle ensures a seamless mesh with your ecosystem, reducing friction and enhancing productivity

SkillCycle Compared to Other Performance Management Tools

  • Lattice

  • 15Five

  • Culture Amp

  • Connection to talent development
  • Multiple feedback collection points
  • Reporting to support promotion cycles and merit conversations
  • Employee-friendly experience
  • Skills inventory
  • Automated performance reviews
  • Real-time performance analysis
  • Individualized development plans