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A CEO's Reflections, and the Path Forward as SkillCycle

CEO Kristy McCann Flynn reflects on the transformation from GoCoach to SkillCycle, our human capital development platform.

This week we launched SkillCycle, a Human Capital Development platform! Yes, we did it! 

When I created GoCoach 5 years ago, the North Star was always to create an entire ecosystem that ties performance management and engagement to learning. Why? Because, what is the point of providing feedback without any actual outcomes? I felt this for 20 years in HR when the dreaded review cycle came around again. Every year we ask people to provide data and feedback on someone’s performance — and then nothing. Like totally nothing. Then another engagement survey leaves your people wondering if the company was even listening, enforcing the futility of their feedback. 

So we do all these things to get insight into our companies and people and then provide nothing to progress, change, and learn? I’m done banging my head against a wall, doing things that don’t matter for me or our employees. What matters is doing something with this very important data and creating personalized learning pathways with our coach marketplace and learning experience platform that ties to their goals, ties to what they need to perform, and ties to important feedback to change and grow. We need to actually do something with the data and drive equity in development for all people. We need to learn and grow, which ultimately creates a skilled bench ready to crush goals. 

Seems like common sense right? But it hasn’t been. Systems like this have been built by Silicon Valley techbros in vacuums that accomplished little more than to blame HR for all the problems. They don’t know what HR does or how to empower them.  

We do. SkillCycle — a Human Capital Development Suite — is an ecosystem that ties all tenets of performance, engagement and learning into one place. A place that matters. A place that takes all this very important data and creates personalized learning pathways for all. The negative monikers and cheap media taglines of “war on talent”, “skills shortage”, “quiet hiring”, and “quiet quitting” are now finally over. Our tech platform enables human centricity for people to learn and grow. 

That’s it — That’s SkillCycle.

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