Upgrades to platform, including automated performance reviews, leverage technology to make work more human

February 20th, 2024 – SkillCycle

Automated performance reviews are just the beginning

With the assistance of AI, automated performance reviews empower employees and managers to not only unlock more productive time, they’ll also undo the most toxic conscious and unconscious biases performance reviews perpetuate. A more objective approach that collects data throughout the review cycle empowers companies to move forward towards a more equitable future., 

We couldn't wait

If you’ve been following along on LinkedIn since January of this year, you probably already guessed the first trick up our sleeve. One of the most anticipated updates to the platform will save companies 98 hours an average per review cycle per manager. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  

How AI supports automated performance reviews on the SkillCycle platform

Data analysis

The SkillCycle platform collects and contextualizes data from across the platform. This individualized analysis is unique to each person and provides the foundation for the first draft.

Review drafts

Based on either standard or customized review questions, SkillCycle creates a unique draft for each individualized analysis for each submitter to review for accuracy, fairness, and to edit.

Edit and submit

Once the answers are drafted and ready to go, each submitter can either edit the responses themselves and/or with the assistance of AI to improve clarity, conciseness, and  visibility. 

Individualized Development Plans at scale

You might be thinking, “Automated performance reviews are great, but then what?” (if so, SkillCycle is definitely for you). Once someone has this unique fingerprint of skills, personal goals, company goals, and performance, SkillCycle delivers development plans tailored to each individual. So not only are companies getting 98 hours of productive time back, managers also getting back countless hours of creating and managing development plans for each employee.

1:1 coaching brings the plan to life

The most unique feature of the SkillCycle platform is our industry-leading coach pairing. Our coaches are career copilots, helping people be their best every day, contextualizing their development plans, and keeping them on track to achieve their biggest goals.

On-demand coaching for point-in-time needs

Sometimes you need a boost on certain skills to help you achieve goals more efficiently. The SkillCycle platform connects employees with an urgent need overlaps in real-time when a coach’s availability and expertise. 

Go from a skills inventory to real-time skills inventory management

The SkillCycle platform provides you with a real-time skills inventory. From a data dashboard, you can track career paths and ensure your best talent is in their right seat. 

Boost performance year-round

These upgrades will save you time and improve collaboration and communication throughout your organization. But the real benefit of the platform is the ability to move beyond the once or twice a year review cycle and activate year-round performance management and talent development. While filling out and answering questions in performance reviews are the main source of stress on people, the traditional cycle is the real culprit of stress organization-wide. Now you can look forward instead of backwards and build a culture worth automating — one centered on humans, learning, and growth.

Oh, and one more thing...

With all of these technological advancements in data analysis and insights, we’re also really excited to announce that our integration ability just got even better. We now able to integrate with over 50 HRIS software solutions

paychex logo
paycor logo
SAP successfactors logo
hibob logo

And over 50 more

Building an HR tech stack from scratch?

Adding new functionality and tools to your HR tech stack on an ad hoc basis as your company grows may seem logical, but the ideal solution is an ecosystem where everything works together. An all-in-one solution empowers you to make data-driven decisions to develop talent, drive better performance, and fill skills gaps.

An excellent first step is to clarify your priorities and identify gaps that could hamper your ability to make impactful shifts across your HR functions. 

Where should you start? Rank the following priorities in order of importance to your company, five being the most important and one being the least. The results of this exercise will guide you to the next step in your HR tech stack development.

Priorities Rate in order of importance
(1 least, 5 most)
Improving employee and organizational performance
(1 least, 5 most important)
Facilitate effective feedback and employee engagement
(1 least, 5 most important)
Prepare your workforce for the future of work
(1 least, 5 most important)
Drive effective employee development
(1 least, 5 most important)
Reduce spend in your current HR tech stack
(1 least, 5 most important)

Score: 12 to 25 points

If your total points are between 12 and 25, exploring an all-in-one platform with full capabilities in each area may be wise.

Score: 6 to 11 points

If your total is between six and 11, your next step should be to explore a solution for your most significant pain point in the list.

Score: 0 to 5 points

If you score five or fewer points, you’re doing great! We’d recommend keeping a close eye on these areas and repeating the checklist occasionally to ensure you identify any developing gaps.


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