Breaking Down the HR Tech Stack — Part 3

February 14th, 2024 – SkillCycle

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Chapter 3: How do learning and performance build company culture?

A learning culture allows employees to develop their skills and connect their performance to the company’s. This is imperative because among employees who left roles due to a lack of career development, 65% said they could not achieve their career goals and 59% did not feel their employer invested in their knowledge, skills, and abilities, according to McKinsey

However, with better insights into what your employees need to be successful, you can build a talent development strategy that includes actionable feedback, career progression, and improved performance from each employee. This is where the right HR tech stack comes into play.

“HR processes have existed for decades, but your tools need to do more than just automate what you’re already doing,” says McCann Flynn. “It’s a missed opportunity if your process isn’t thoughtfully woven into a culture of learning, skilling, and development.”

When you implement ongoing learning and development opportunities, you will see the benefits across your organization. Companies that invest in employee development increase profitability by 11% and are twice as likely to retain their employees, according to Gallup.

“Ideally, you have the support of a company that understands the ethos behind why certain tools or processes are important,” says Hibschman. “For example, your leaders may conduct 360 reviews, but do they know how to use these reviews as a tool to develop and nurture your team?”

Without proper knowledge of how to use the data they collect, managers and employees are left uncertain about how to enact needed changes and why it is vital to do so. Instead, your HR system should support and build a culture of learning through an integrated approach designed for measurable impact and value. 


Introducing the SkillCycle prioritization framework

Adding new functionality and tools to your HR tech stack on an ad hoc basis as your company grows may seem logical, but the ideal solution is an ecosystem where everything works together. An all-in-one solution empowers you to make data-driven decisions to develop talent, drive better performance, and fill skills gaps.

An excellent first step is to clarify your priorities and identify gaps that could hamper your ability to make impactful shifts across your HR functions. 

Where should you start? Rank the following priorities in order of importance to your company, five being the most important and one being the least. The results of this exercise will guide you to the next step in your HR tech stack development.


Priorities Rate in order of importance
(1 least, 5 most)
Improving employee and organizational performance
(1 least, 5 most important)
Facilitate effective feedback and employee engagement
(1 least, 5 most important)
Prepare your workforce for the future of work
(1 least, 5 most important)
Drive effective employee development
(1 least, 5 most important)
Reduce spend in your current HR tech stack
(1 least, 5 most important)

Score: 12 to 25 points

If your total points are between 12 and 25, exploring an all-in-one platform with full capabilities in each area may be wise.

Score: 6 to 11 points

If your total is between six and 11, your next step should be to explore a solution for your most significant pain point in the list.

Score: 0 to 5 points

If you score five or fewer points, you’re doing great! We’d recommend keeping a close eye on these areas and repeating the checklist occasionally to ensure you identify any developing gaps.

SkillCycle: Flexible, scalable platform connecting performance management to learning

Connecting learning to performance is essential for building a strong organizational culture and empowering employees to offer their best performance. 

The solution isn’t more tools and more systems, but a simple, elegant platform that doesn’t just handle most of your HR functions—it connects and elevates them.

SkillCycle is a learning-first talent development platform designed with ease of use and a high-impact employee experience in mind. The solution is built to support the entire employee lifecycle. 

Our human-first platform empowers learners to complete self-assessments, move through learning experiences, and choose coaches to advance their development. At the same time, it offers actionable data to drive better organizational decisions and outcomes, supporting your company culture and your bottom line. 

With SkillCycle, you can focus on developing your workforce and increasing impact across your organization. Book a demo to experience our learning experience platform and change how your company fuels both learning and performance. 


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