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How Are You Doing?

I know this is a pretty generic question, but as I’ve been connecting with people over the last few weeks, I thought it was a good time to do an overall well-being check.

Personally, as everything has been opening up and it’s increasingly safer to get together again, I’ve found myself needing more time to recharge than I used to. I’m re-acclimating to having regular social responsibilities while still working from home alongside my husband. It feels like this weird in-between stage where some things are back to normal and others are still the same. The “socialization” part of my brain has atrophied slightly and it’s taking a bit longer to rebuild that muscle while managing work, life, family, and everything in between. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed when faced with the idea of a large crowd, being around a lot of strangers, and venturing out of the bubble I’ve been in for the majority of the last 16 months.

One thing I’ve consistently seen is that I’m not alone in feeling this way. Your employees are feeling this way, and you’re likely feeling this way yourself. It’s the biggest reason employees are quitting in droves. They’re overwhelmed and burnt out as it is and their response to that is to seek change where they have the most control – their jobs. At GoCoach, we’ve been working with several companies to provide resources and learnings that address their specific gaps in their workforce strategy, including managing these reactions and responses to ultimately gain employee buy-in. Whether you’ve chosen to remain remote, implement a hybrid model, or return everyone fully to the office, the most important part of rolling out your strategy is guiding your employees through this change and providing as many opportunities to support everyone as possible. Leveraging skills like change management, emotional intelligence, and inclusion are great ways to keep your employees on the right path and decrease your chances of employees resigning in fear, uncertainty, or as a last resort way to deal with burnout.

Our clients have been seeing a ton of success with one to one coaching as well as group coaching. We will assess the areas where you need the most help and provide coaching and learning resources that allow you to drive the results you’re looking for.

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