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HR HERO – Why HR Is Core To The Success Of Companies

Being in HR is never an easy role. In fact, it can be at many times an ambiguous role with a core component of metrics revolving around people that is hard to depict. What drives consistency and true ROI is to keep the HERO of HR in mind. I truly believe we are all heroes. We are the pulse of the organization, we are the true hand to the CEO, and we are the conduit to the people. So, let’s spell out what HERO means and why HR is core to the success of companies, people, humanity and so much more

  • H: For Human and Humble. Our role is centered around the Heart of people and all the things that occur in an organization. Through this we Help with so many things from payroll to benefits, strategy, frameworks and more importantly personal development for all employees. It is not easy and we act with Humility to ensure success.
  • E: We Educate, Energize, and Empathize. This is no easy feat, and we do so to ensure dynamics of company values are at the forefront to ensure Equality for all. Our job is hard as we constantly have to hold the mirror up to see the true reflection of ourselves and our company identity and natural resources which requires a high level of EQ. Doing so often times comes at costs especially when our natural resources are at risk, but the true heroes of the company continue to push on knowing their role will never be easy. We are Eager and Earnest to continue to push on for the greater good with honest Ethics.
  • R: We Reinforce the culture and the learning in the company to continue to accelerate success. Companies do not exist without people and HR Respects the human aspect of people and education for all. We cascade this learning and development throughout the organization with senior leadership. We are the Reason and the Right to provide a safe and supportive workplace for all.
  • O: HR is the Objective lens. And this is hardest. Do you work for the people or for the company? The answer is neither. HR works for the values and integrity of all. This ensures we can Ope-rationalize with everyone to ensure Objectives are met with Opportunity for all with integrity at the forefront.


So, now that you know are you are HERO, know that GoCoach was created for you by you to ensure you can be a hero everyday. To hell with the haters – they are the ones who will fall as the wave of humanity takes over. So continue to be a hero everyday. You are the way. You are the natural elements. You are HR. Happy New Year to everyone and see you in 2019.

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn, December 20, 2018

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