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Onboarding A New Employee? Follow These 11 Effective Strategies

Onboarding new hires is a crucial—and sometimes regularly repeated—process for businesses. Not having a concrete training plan in place can cause anxiety and confusion for both the incoming employees and those tasked with training them. You not only need to be sure you don’t overwhelm new team members in their first days, but also that you give them all the information they need—including the “small, everyday” details that can sometimes be taken for granted.

The Forbes Coaches Council has a new article on what to do to create great employee experiences in onboarding. 11 top tips from 11 Forbes council members, including our own CEO, Kristy McCann.

If you want your new team members to receive the best grounding for their roles, but you don’t want to sidetrack seasoned employees with complicated and repetitive training stints, you need to develop effective and efficient onboarding processes. According to members of Forbes Coaches Council, here are some aspects of your business that must be covered by a good training program, as well as strategies you can use to effectively and efficiently onboard your new team members.

The 11 tips for better employee experience in onboarding, provided by the Forbes Coaches Council:

  1. Cover The Cultural Aspect, Too
  2. Put Their Role In The Context Of The Big Picture
  3. Treat Your New Employee Like A Customer
  4. Have Multiple Employees Serve As Resources For The New Hire
  5. Share Expectations Honestly, Openly And Directly
  6. Be Clear And Consistent In Your Steps And Processes
  7. Expose New Hires To Every Department
  8. Give Them A Safe Space To Ask Questions
  9. Accommodate Different Learning Styles
  10. Assign Them A Buddy
  11. Share The Load And Take Your Time


“ #3. Treat Your New Employee Like A Customer- Customers don’t show up for long orientations or a coffee mug. They show up to invest in you” — Kristy McCann Flynn

Go deeper on the 15 Better Team Player Tips and read the whole article on Forbes.

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