Performance Review Remix: Time To Shake Things Up

September 27th, 2023 – SkillCycle


6 signs your current system is out-of-date (and what you should do instead)

The old way of managing performance reviews isn’t serving you or your employees, but just because something has been done a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean it’s the only solution. 

Connecting your employee development data with performance improvement plans that you deploy all year long can upend stuck cycles and shift your whole organization toward better results. 

6 signs your performance review system is outdated or needs improvement:

  1. You’re still using spreadsheets (this one’s self-explanatory)
  2. You’re using 9-box grids to evaluate performance (these are rife with limitations)
  3. You’re using multiple disconnected systems to track and manage learning, performance, engagement, diversity, goal-setting, and other areas that should all work together 
  4. You’re unsure what data you’re collecting across the different platforms
  5. You’re only using 50% of the functionality of your current system
  6. Performance reviews feel like annual report cards and drive anxiety instead of growth

If you’ve experienced or observed frustration with your current performance management system, you probably know whatever you’re using isn’t working. 

Now, it’s time to imagine what you might be missing and how a different approach could be a critical component in turning review season into a performance driver in your company. 

Does your current performance management system:

  • Offer seamless enablement, implementation, and onboarding?
  • Track workforce insights, trends, and talent development across your whole process?
  • Connect your data in an all-in-one system?
  • Create personalized learning journeys?
  • Enable long-term development?
  • Offer a systemic approach to learning?
  • Empower efficient feedback?
  • Curate trustworthy workforce insights for better decision-making?
  • Connect performance evaluation to progress against goals?
  • Improve development with coaching and mentoring? 
  • Offer confidential coaching to employees?
  • Create learning opportunities that deliver performance improvement?
  • Help you interpret data to improve work-life success?
  • Ignite post-review cycle season growth?
  • Contribute to talent development and growth? 

With the right performance management system, you can create a better work environment, contribute to ROI, and develop your talent to where they want to go.


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