Breaking Down Barriers: How to Highlight and Close Critical Skill Gaps with Technology

The HR technology stack simplified and next steps

Our four part series on the current state of the HR tech stack is now ready to access on-demand. Download the ebook and watch the workshop to learn:

How the right HR tools can build (or break) your company culture

HR technology solutions have the potential to elevate the delivery of HR functions across organizations, but most companies aren’t working from an optimal HR tech stack. You may access this section here.

Breaking down the HR tech stack

Some HR tools and systems hold key data elements and are necessary to manage your workforce effectively. However, other tools must be added to the mix in a thoughtful way.  You may access this section here.

How do learning and performance build company culture?

A learning culture allows employees to develop their skills and connect their performance to the company’s. This is imperative because among employees who left roles due to a lack of career development, 65% said they could not achieve their career goals and 59% did not feel their employer invested in their knowledge, skills, and abilities, according to McKinsey. You may access this section here.

Building a culture of learning workshop

A workshop focused on identify skill gaps and address them with the latest in HR technology.

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