Culture Change

Why coaching and mentorship are the foundation for enduring change

April 6th, 2023 – SkillCycle

When it comes to corporate culture, HR is the master of ceremonies. But having to corporate culture on top of all the other duties can lead to burnout, turnover, and ultimately low employee engagement, retention, and performance. In simple turns, it leads to a failed culture. What is the solution?

Join Kristy McCann Flynn as she brings her 20+ years of experience as an HR leader to shed light on the blind spots to look for in a company culture that potentially becomes the breeding ground for a crisis. Participants will learn:

  • What to look for in your company’s culture to find the areas of improvement
  • How and when to leverage certified coaches and mentors to promote and create enduring culture change
  • Activities and actions to use to build consensus for culture change initiatives


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