A unified system means no more spreadsheets or data loss

A unified system means no more spreadsheets or data loss

SkillCycle built the first-ever platform that connects performance management to talent development. By closing the loop between these two systems, companies can manage a live skills inventory, boost performance year-round instead of once or twice a year, and deliver ROI on talent development initiatives. 

Learning & Development technology hasn’t always kept up with developments in the field, rapid digitization, and the increasing desire for a clear learning path - leaving the onus on HR teams to cobble learning & development together themselves.


Talent Development

SkillCycle is grounded on the premise that the 1:1 relationship a coach and learner can develop is the key to personal and business growth. Your employees can view a list of 150+ accredited coaches, filter by their self-identified growth area, and then interview coaches to see if they click, what learning styles they can accommodate, and if they feel like their growth trajectory would be supported by one coach best.

Personalized learning journeys are important to incoming workers, with Gen Z & millennial professionals saying it’s a top priority for them when choosing an employer. Our platform was built with this personalized journey at the forefront, allowing learners to work with their self-selected coach 1:1 on their goals, competencies, and the tools and lessons they need to push themselves and your company forward – no HR oversight required.

Initially built as a platform to connect employees to skilled coaches, SkillCycle evolved quickly into an all-in-one platform that ties together the four pillars of HR tech: coaching, a learning & development platform, workforce insights, and performance management. We’ve built this tech to seamlessly tie it all together, with a design that’s easy for both users and admin to navigate.

Confidential coaching and mentoring provides the support and targeted learning to raise their performance
Our global network of experienced, certified coaches ensures learners can find the right match for their learning style and goals

Not all platforms understand the importance of coach continuity or the value (and, let’s face it, ROI) that comes with learners being able to select their own coaches. In addition to these features, the platform also supports on-demand coaching for short-term gaps.


1:1 Human Coaching

Our coaching platform has never been exclusive to executives only (though we do have executive coaches for those who would like to work with them). We believe that growth for any individual contributes to the growth of the business, and ensure that our coaches can work with anyone at any point in their professional journey.

SkillCycle’s coaches’ goals are to help develop and grow their learners’ strengths to handle a work-related crisis themselves, building an individualized toolkit each learner can turn to not only in that moment, but to use before a crisis. The more we empower your employees to grow, develop new skills, and lean into learning & development, the more effective they will be in handling these challenges as – or before – they surface.

We tackle the issue at its root. With about one-third of our lives spent at work, the effect of our worklife on our mental health isn’t one to be ignored. But instead of treating the symptoms of work-related struggles, our coach community works with your employees to get to the root cause: developing soft and hard skills to help meet those struggles and conquer them before they become overpowering.

For most companies, performance management is a single point-in-time exercise that looks backwards without much in the way of a "now what?" The platform not only makes feedback more actionable for employees, but it also improves the quality of feedback.


Performance Management​

Our Goal Tracking & Performance Management tool neatly ties together previously disconnected data from annual reviews & performance feedback and connects it to personal learning goals and business objectives. This allows for continuous 360 feedback and growth that encourages active learning, development, and skillbuilding throughout the year that benefits both your employees and your bottom line.

Set and share goals for your teams so organizational expectations are clear
Track engagement and progress across your learning programs with clear engagement metrics

You’ve got the data, with no way to interpret it or use it to improve work-life success, company culture, or organizational ROI; but because the data is at least there, there’s been no incentive to improve the system & find something that actually works.​


Workforce Insights

It’s easy to put your data together when it’s all in the same platform. Our tech pulls high-level data together to give you insights into both people and organizational data stories that demonstrate ROI, show improvement, and identify opportunities for growth.

There’s no need to compare your company data against external sources when you can set your own benchmarks and goals, measuring worklife success for your business month over month, year over year, with data you know you can trust to drive you to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the coaching platform work?

1:1 coaching is the bedrock of personal development and upskilling. Our certified Coaching Marketplace puts the power in the hands of your people to choose their own adventure and start their personalized learning journey. The platform guides them through the interview and selection process, and hosts their future sessions.

Can you purchase individual features?

Our OS is scalable, with a few different options depending on what problems you’re trying to solve, how many coaching seats you’d like, and what you’re really missing out on at your organization. Take a look here to see our platform features you’d be interested in. 

How do I request a free demo?

You can schedule time with one of our team members right here! We’ll be in touch to understand more about the problems you’re facing before we hop on our scheduled call.

What is SkillCycle's pricing?

You can find that here, and if you’re interested in speaking directly with someone about scalability and your specific needs, book a demo here and we’ll be in touch!