Go From Performance Management to Performance Analysis

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Performance Management & Employee Growth

You need a seamless and continuous performance management and employee development process that moves beyond annual evaluations to a perpetual cycle of development and growth for your team. 

With SkillCycle, your employees can:

  • Understand how their goals align with organizational goals
  • See if they are meeting expectations based on company goals and values
  • Collect feedback on their self-assessments of performance and skill-building
  • Get the support they need to build on their strengths and close development gaps


SkillCycle ensures clarity for employees so they’re not left guessing about their performance. We also empower people leaders to easily collect and manage feedback throughout the year, laying the groundwork for fair and effective performance evaluations. 

No more surprises. When review time arrives, performance data seamlessly integrates with the ongoing goal-tracking system, creating a transparent and positive evaluation experience that supports your employees’ growth all year round.

See for yourself

SkillCycle drives continuous improvement from one platform with the best in technology, human coaching, and program support. Let us show you how!

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Lemonte Williams

Vice President, Human Resources

SkillCycle is the closest thing I’ve seen to “perfect” in the market when looking for platforms to performance manage and increase employee engagement.  The interface is intuitive.  The reporting is stellar.  And the impact that it has on the employees is immeasurable.  There aren’t many “all-in-one” employee solutions out there that combine all the key elements of employee development, technologically.  I would recommend this solution to any one looking to elevate the performance of their employee population.

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SkillCycle Compared To Other Performance Management Tools

  • Lattice

  • 15Five

  • Culture Amp

  • Connection to talent development
  • Multiple feedback collection points
  • Reporting to support promotion cycles and merit conversations
  • Employee-friendly experience
  • Skills inventory
  • Automated performance reviews
  • Real-time performance analysis
  • Individualized development plans