Performance Review Remix: Time To Shake Things Up

6 ways to tell if your system is costing you time and money

Our four part series on the current state of performance reviews is now ready to access on-demand. Download our whitepaper and watch the workshop to learn:

Why traditional performance reviews don't work

Historically, employees have gotten feedback in what feels like a report card, but there’s never been a good way for them to understand what they’re to do now that they’ve gotten that feedback

Talent development at scale

Constant feedback makes the biggest impact, because then when it comes time to document formal feedback in a performance review process, no one is racking their brain trying to figure out what to say

6 ways to know if you're ready for change

Connecting your employee development data with performance improvement plans that you deploy all year long can upend stuck cycles and shift your whole organization toward better results

Overthrow the status quo workshop

A workshop focused on ways to transform performance reviews into something useful instead of painful.

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