Adapting and Innovating: The Critical Role of People Leaders in Startups

March 26th, 2024 – Kristy McCann Flynn


In the latest episode of “HR Confessions,” Kristy McCann Flynn, CEO and co-founder of SkillCycle, hosts an insightful conversation with Carrie Clark, an HR professional with over three decades of experience in healthcare and human resources. Carrie shares her journey from clinician to HR expert, emphasizing the importance of integrating human elements into HR practices. The discussion explores the significance of mental health in the workplace and the impact of comprehensive wellness programs that address physical, behavioral, social, career, and financial wellbeing.

Carrie Clark highlights the evolution of wellness benefits from mere perks to essential components of employee satisfaction and organizational success. She argues for tailored approaches that meet employees’ needs at the ground level, ensuring that wellness programs are not only available but also relevant and utilized effectively. Both Kristy and Carrie advocate for HR strategies that go beyond traditional benefits to foster genuine engagement and address the diverse needs of a dynamic workforce.


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