Accepting Change With Edward Kim

May 29th, 2024 – Kristy McCann Flynn

Accepting Change

The ability to accept and adapt to change is more crucial than ever. In the latest episode of HR Confessions, Kristy McCann Flynn, CEO and co-founder of SkillCycle, explores the contours of change with Edward Kim, a seasoned SkillCycle coach. This discussion not only sheds light on the challenges of change management but also offers actionable insights on navigating these waters with agility and foresight.

Understanding the Essence of Change

Change is an inevitable part of any organization’s growth trajectory. However, it often comes with its set of challenges, primarily resistance from the workforce. Edward Kim highlights this aspect by sharing his personal and professional experiences with change. He mentions how, despite the potential benefits of change, there is an inherent resistance that individuals often feel, whether it’s due to uncertainty or fear of the unknown.

Strategies for Effective Change Management

A significant portion of the conversation focuses on strategic approaches to change management. Kristy and Edward discuss the importance of clear communication and setting realistic expectations. They emphasize the role of HR in facilitating this process, ensuring that the workforce is adequately prepared for the transition. This involves not only informing employees about the changes but also actively involving them in the process, which can significantly reduce resistance and foster a more accepting atmosphere.

The Role of Leadership in Change

Leadership plays a pivotal role in the successful implementation of change. The leaders must not only advocate for the change but also embody the adaptability they wish to see in their teams. This involves being transparent about the reasons for the change and the expected outcomes, providing continuous support, and being open to feedback, which can lead to more refined and effective implementation strategies.

Overcoming Obstacles in Change Implementation

One of the crucial points raised during the discussion is the common obstacles faced during change implementation. Edward points out that even when a change is necessary and well-planned, unexpected challenges can arise, making the process more complex. He suggests that organizations should prepare for these situations by having contingency plans in place and maintaining flexibility in their approach.

The Psychological Aspect of Accepting Change

The psychological impact of change on employees is another critical aspect covered in the podcast. It’s important for organizations to not only focus on the logistical elements of change but also consider the emotional and psychological well-being of their employees. This includes providing support systems such as counseling and stress management workshops, which can help employees cope with the changes more effectively.


Accepting change within an organization requires a comprehensive approach that includes strategic planning, effective communication, leadership involvement, and consideration of the psychological impacts on employees. By addressing these elements, organizations can not only navigate through changes more smoothly but also capitalize on the opportunities that these changes brinT