GoCoach Relaunches as SkillCycle to Address Large Gap in HR Tech Landscape

The new company’s Human Capital Development Suite centers learning at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Philadelphia, PA (Tuesday, January 24, 2023) ––– GoCoach, a leading Coach Marketplace and Learning Experience Platform that serves mid-market and enterprise customers, today announced a series of innovative product developments including a company rebrand as SkillCycle and a complete overhaul of its core user experience. SkillCycle now brings all of the tenets of talent, learning, and career development together into one ecosystem to weave personalized learning into every stage of the employee lifecycle to empower companies to develop human capital before its managed.

“I spent 20 years in HR vetting systems built by non-HR people that were essentially designed backwards,” said Kristy McCann Flynn, Co-founder and CEO of SkillCycle. “These outmoded systems on the market today provide performance management with no learning outcomes for people, they produce engagement data and analytics that connect to literally nothing, and they produce generic point-in-time learning that barely scratches the surface of what the skills deficit is in organizations. SkillCycle re-centers the full scope talent development, learning experiences, and performance management around learning that drives engagement and connects individual outcomes to the overall company performance and goal progression.”

SkillCycle is redefining the Human Capital Development category with key offerings at a time when recruitment and retention challenges are rampant. The revolutionary work-life success platform produces metrics that matter for senior organizational stakeholders to lead to true productivity outcomes.  Designed to allow leadership, L&D and HR teams to quietly hire and build talent within their organization, SkillCycle offers a full and personalized learning experience for career and growth progression.

Key features of SkillCycle’s robust, all-in-one employee lifecycle suite of services include performance management, engagement and learning plus a certified coaching marketplace to serve the needs of mid-markets and enterprises and all of their employees. Skillcycle brings equity in development to enhance equity in jobs, pay and more with learning at its core.

“At Belharra Therapeutics, we know that our ability to disrupt the drug discovery paradigm and positively impact human health is powered by our people. We’re thrilled to be partnering with SkillCycle to support the growth and unlock the potential of our amazing crew. SkillCycle is enabling us to develop our team in a personalized and distinctive way. From the 360-feedback survey and analytics to measure the behaviors and values we care about most at Belharra Therapeutics, to the opportunity for each employee to interview and select the right coach for them, SkillCycle enables us to support the leadership and personal development of every single individual on our team in an unprecedented way.”

To date, Skillcycle has hundreds of customers including Fortune 500 companies and nearly 400 ICF-certified skill coaches. For more information, please visit: www.skillcycle.com

About SkillCycle

Founded in 2019, SkillCycle is revolutionizing Human Capital Development and how enterprise and HR think about talent by putting people in the driver’s seat at every stage of the employee lifecycle. The suite of services centers on employee learning and upskilling humanizes the approach to learning and performance management, certified coaching, and offers the necessary tools to achieve fulfillment at work. Hundreds of companies including Fortune 500  use SkillCycle to drive performance with an experience that actually matters to employees and aligns their goals with organizational goals. The result is work-life success for your people and workforce agility for your company. For more information, please visit www.skillcycle.com

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