SkillCycle Upgrades Talent Development Platform to Help Customers Drive ROI through Coaching and Upskilling

SkillCycle’s updates transform ever-present change into growth by connecting learning and performance in one platform

New York, New York, September 12, 2023 — SkillCycle, a learning company focused on helping companies and their employees thrive through upskilling, announced today that their development-first platform enables a direct path from learning to performance management.

C-suites and leadership typically look for growth opportunities and competitive advantages when the economy begins to thaw. Today, they increasingly focus on investing in their workforce through technology. More specifically, they’re looking to invest in improving performance while avoiding distractions that hamper growth. That’s where SkillCyle comes in.

Kristy McCann Flynn, CEO and Co-founder of SkillCycle adds, “We hear it every day from customers, prospects, learners, coaches, practically everyone we encounter at SkillCycle. Even when organizations are looking to grow right now, they’re being pragmatic about their talent. Whether that’s due to AI or not, one thing is super clear: unlocking their potential with upskilling improves a company’s ability to navigate change and see clear ROI.”

The SkillCycle platform is now the only HR Tech platform that fuses learning, engagement, and performance, eliminating the daily technology bloat organizations deal with. The result is cleaner data, enabling real-time data on skills gaps, performance progress, and sentiment analysis. Career pathing and succession planning are a snap on an individual and team level. “The platform has come a long way,” said Chief Product Officer and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Reid. “We’ve always envisioned SkillCycle as the only other tool an HR department would need next to their HRIS systems, and the feature set is now there.”

SkillCycle’s platform is positioned to attract HR leaders looking to harness the power of change and drive outcomes that benefit people and companies.

About SkillCycle

SkillCycle is a learning company simplifying how organizations manage change, develop and upskill talent, and drive organizational outcomes like revenue growth and performance. The SkillCycle platform personalizes individual learning paths to align goals and enables 1:1 coaching through a one-of-a-kind process. SkilCycle customers are visionary HR leaders who use fewer software solutions, provide employees with a tool they love to use, and have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. To learn more about SkillCycle, please visit