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We’ve taken all the disparate HR tech systems you’ve struggled to connect and brought them together into one ecosystem, creating a Performance Development Platform that empowers your organization with data and your people with learning & development tools.

Talent Development

Talent development today should nurture the spark of the human-to-human connection people experience in live learning settings. Through this more authentic engagement, we connect performance tools that drive your people’s personal development goals alongside your company’s to produce actionable data that you, your people, and your C-suite is clamoring for.

Personalized Upskilling
When we say personalized we don’t mean AI. The best personalization tool a learner can have is human-to-human interaction combined with actionable insights to connect their performance to their personal goals.
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Content Library
On-demand but not on-your-own. Combined with the personalization your people receive during their coaching sessions and 1:1s, our content library is applicable and relatable.
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Talent Marketplace
Truly connect talent development to internal mobility. There’s a lot of talk today about AI’s role in matching your people to opportunities within your organization. But the missing piece is connecting talent development to outcomes, which is why SkillCycle is the most powerful internal mobility tool you can use.
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1:1 Human Coaching & Support

The SkillCycle coaching marketplace is a powerful tool for companies looking to improve internal mobility, career pathing, onboarding, drive DEI imperatives, and create a meaningful employee experience. Combined with 360 reviews and performance management, companies are gaining insights into skills gaps and are provided with the tools to address them at scale. 

No Robots Allowed
Humans outperform AI in at least one key area. Unlike every competitor, SkillCycle doesn’t rely on AI matching technology to scale coaching across an organization. Our learners interview and select their own coaches and set personal goals alongside company goals to experience better performance and career pathing.
Personal Data Is Personal
The coach and learner relationship requires trust. The reason we see engagement levels outpace our competitors isn’t solely because our learners select their coaches. To realize positive behavior changes that result in better performance, SkillCycle’s transparent and clear privacy settings allow learners to control their data while not limiting the insights your company can use to achieve business results.
Now you can connect the sharing of institutional knowledge to outcomes. The Coaching Marketplace is also used by customers as a home for their own mentorship programs and experience the benefits of the platform like goal setting, performance management, and workforce insights.

Performance Management

Thoughtful, individual goal setting at work aligns with company goals in the SkillCycle Performance Management Platform. This core function of the SkillCycle Human Capital Development Suite eliminates the complexity of tracing disconnected data contained in annual reviews and performance feedback. By providing your people with active development and direct support for their personal and organizational performance goals, watch engagement improve and skills gaps close. 

Worklife Success
Where personal goals meet personalized development. Engaging your workforce takes more than sending out surveys. By connecting personal goals to organizational goals, your people contextualize how their professional development drives business outcomes.
Workforce Agility
Upskilling before it’s too late. Our Goal Tracking and Performance Management tools take the guesswork out of the equation and gives you deep insights into your workforce’s skills proficiencies and deficiencies. Clear and concise data combined with your people’s personal investment in development are foundational elements of a futureproofed organization.
No More Report Cards
No more “now whats?” We’ve all experienced the “now what?” of the annual performance review. It’s time to fix it. Continuous improvement over the course of a year, combined with clear and concise data to evaluate, eliminates the need for the annual year-in-review practice that leaves your people with no actionable path toward worklife success.

Workforce Insights

Every good HR leader needs a data story to tell. Something that goes beyond individual performance dashboards, simplistic people success data, and internal mobility reports. Our Workforce Insights brings together your people data and organizational data so you can tell the whole story in a way that any CFO will understand. A story that connects the individual goals of your people to business outcomes for your company. 

Insightful Assessments
Go from point-in-time to continuous improvement. Dashboards, 360s, and surveys work in concert to measure alignment to core values and competencies. View trends over time, identify strengths, and uncover development areas.
Career Pathing
Connect your strategy to your planning. Where most planning solutions fall short is connecting the mechanical planning activities to overall strategy. The SkillCycle Human Capital Development Suite gives you data like personal development goals that transforms strategy and planning to interact in a dynamic and powerful way.
Skills Gap Analysis
Quickly address skill gap needs from the bottom up The SkillCycle Human Capital Development Suite identifies your people’s personal career development goals alongside your company's skills gaps.

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