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Startup team creates portable wind turbine prototype, matching user demand aim for investor funding

Leveraging AI at Work to Nurture a High-Performing Culture

When people consider the impact of AI at work, many do so warily, with concerns about job security and inevitable change. And certainly, change is moving quickly. Over 8 million occupational shifts took place between 2019 and 2022, with another 12 million expected by 2030, according to McKinse

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HR Confessions podcast logo featuring a simple, professional design with the title in bold, emphasizing themes of workplace strategies and leadership insights

HR Confessions: Equity Drives Workplace Success

Explore the pivotal role of equity in driving workplace success and enhancing DEI initiatives. Learn how HR professionals can implement equitable practices to foster inclusive environments, boost employee engagement, and improve business outcomes. Discover strategies for infusing DEI principles across all aspects of an organization, from middle management to customer relations. Uncover the long-term benefits of prioritizing equity in your HR approach and how it contributes to sustainable growth and competitiveness in today’s diverse business landscape.

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