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We’re founded by HR, and we’re building the tools you need bring the out the best in yourself and your people. Our mission as a learning-first company to share our knowledge and be an advocate for every HR Leader helping their people achieve worklife success. Even if you’re not a customer. Our Worklife Success Monthly is a wrap-up of the latest in HR trends, news, and thought leadership delivered to your inbox once a month. Let’s connect!

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Preparing for the Future: The Value of Learning Agility 

While a skilled workforce has always held value, how we work is shifting so quickly that the ability to learn new things stands apart as a way to prepare for the future. This adaptability, or learning agility, allows people to use what they have learned from past experiences to succeed in new situations.

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Adapting and Innovating: The Critical Role of People Leaders in Startups

Kristy McCann Flynn and Natalie Ledbetter share their extensive experiences in HR within startups, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and strategic alignment in such dynamic environments. They discuss the necessity of customizing HR approaches to fit the unique challenges of startups, including rapid scaling and evolving company cultures.

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