How a Human-First Platform Supports the Employee Lifecycle

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Employees want to feel valued at work, and companies that meet this need are more likely to retain the talent they require to be successful. The key is understanding the employee lifecycle (how staff experience your organization throughout their career within it), so you can engage individual team members more effectively at each stage.

Back to Basics: Why Human Capital Development Comes First

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According to Gartner, 58% of the workforce needs new skills to get their jobs done. Not to move up within the organization and not to prepare for a future role—but to simply handle the responsibilities of their current positions.

Everyone Deserves To Live, Learn, And Grow Safely

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It’s Pride Month once again, and I’ve never been so happy. Why? Because it shows how far something can go when it’s rooted in love. It also gives us hope that we can secure the right to dignity and inclusion for all of our family, friends, and neighbors who still feel the need to hide in the shadows.

What Employees Want Companies To Teach Them

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Employees are looking for workplaces that prioritize their growth. This includes offering coaching and learning and development opportunities to succeed. It’s critical to invest in your talent to retain it.

This Is Why Adding Durable Skills Should Be Your Team’s Top Priority

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The roots of a tree, or even a trunk, are incredibly difficult to uproot. The same could be said of durable skills – you don’t forget how to negotiate after you’ve changed jobs a few times. Hard skills, on the other hand, are perishable. Like branches and leaves, they come and go with the seasons. If you don’t practice them, you lose them.

How Not To Burn Out Your HR Staff & Employees

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Burnout in HR too often occurs, staff is overworked and tired with little to no resources to support. After over a 20 year career in HR, our CEO and Co-founder, Kristy McCann has witnessed this time and time again. Check out our blog with our recommended resources to learn the ways not to burnout your team.

Make No Mistake: Soft Skills Are Key To Employee Prosperity

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Find the 13 necessary soft skills in order to have employee success. Soft skills are often overlooked in comparison to hard skill but are equally as important in the workplace. These include attentive-listening, empathy and curiosity.

Dragon-Fly Eye & Acting With The Best Of Intent

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At SkillCycle, our mission is to make it easy for everyone to grow in their careers, unlock their potential, and achieve greater happiness at work. This month, we came across some incredible lessons which we believe are vital for success in the workplace, which we’re sharing with you here.

How Can You Stop The Great Resignation From Impacting Your Company? The Answer Lies In Learning Opportunities For All

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Zane Capital, one of GoCoach’s investors, has launched an entrepreneurial support organization called Zane Access™. Zane Access’ goal is to break down the systemic barriers that keep underrepresented founders from accessing capital as well as the funding itself. The organization produces programming, events, and content that provides founders from diverse backgrounds with education and mentorship.