Individualized Development Plans For Better Employee Growth

Learning the way humans learn, without the busy work

You need a way to bring goal setting and reviews to life for your team so they can see how their goals tie to progress and performance.

SkillCycle provides all the tools to get employees from today’s performance to what you want to see in three months, six months, and beyond. From on-demand coaching, mentoring, videos, and interactive learning resources, your team members will have everything they need to grow.

We empower each employee to find the coach who is the right fit to support them in their current position and in their career over time. Next, we give them the tools to collaborate together and track their growth.

SkillCycle’s individualized development plans build:

  • Goal setting and career development
  • Professional skills and leadership
  • Personal development and confidence
  • Work-life balance and mental wellbeing
  • Communication and relationship-building
  • Problem-solving and perspective


Our solution provides just the right balance of turnkey and tailored to you. We offer a diverse global network of coaches equipped to provide personalized development to people at all levels of your organization.

See for yourself

SkillCycle drives continuous improvement from one platform with the best in technology, human coaching, and program support. Let us show you how!

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sonali goel

Sonali Goel

Talent & Development

SkillCycle has been a reliable partner and core part of our talent programs for several years. We see more and more value with every cycle, as they continue to expand and grow the services provided, while maintaining the quality coaching services and experience that our employees rely on. Every member of the team that we’ve interacted with is passionate, lightning fast to respond, and generously flexible so that our particular business needs are met.

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SkillCycle Compared To Other Talent Development Sofware

  • LinkedIn Learning

  • Docebo

  • Lessonly

  • Connection to performance management
  • Employee access to learning content
  • Data to guide navigation of learning content
  • Coaching to contextualize and bring learning to life
  • Structured data to set performance goals
  • Training and learning program feedback to improve development performance
  • Automated personalized development plans