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Our Mission

At SkillCycle, we know that growth is fundamental to the success of all human beings. It’s our mission to make it easy for everyone to grow in their careers, unlock their potential, and achieve greater performance outcomes at work. At SkillCycle, employee learning data and personalized upskilling and development are at our core. Our mission is to provide a path to personalized learning outcomes to ensure each individual finds success.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all people have the tools, ability, and agility they need to grow in a transparent, safe, and supportive work environment. By making career growth accessible and tying it to engagement and performance outcomes, we are investing in a more skilled and empowered world.

Our Values


We empower all those we work with by meeting them where they are and partnering to help them grow in line with their needs and goals. We empower our clients by guiding, counseling, and supporting them in reaching their best outcome by providing them the support, skills, and tools they need to be successful. We center our learners, our client partners, and our team, first and always.


We care for each other, our customers, and our communities. By working with and for each other, we nurture a trust that serves as a foundation for healthy relationships. A culture of trust provides space for ideas to flourish and inspire innovation, propelling SkillCycle forward as leaders and visionaries.


We recognize that change is constant and healthy and that the need to successfully navigate it is fundamental to growth. We foster the skills needed to embrace change and effectively lead others through it. We do this for ourselves and our customers so we may thrive in the face of adversity and make happen the change we want to see.


We live in a constant growth mindset, always asking questions about how something can be better or why something is the way that it is. We face challenges with deep questions that lead us to the root of the issue, allowing effective problem solving and resolutions. We ask before we assume and intentionally strive to understand perspectives that are different from our own. “What if?” and “Why?” drive our best ideas.


We encourage our team to get creative to find new and better ways to solve problems. We know that doing things “how they’ve always been done” leads to stagnation, and we constantly seek to innovate in support of our mission, our clients, and our learners. Our team thinks outside the box to express new ideas and fuel innovative products, services, and processes.


We, as a company and as individuals, always strive to pursue actions that benefit our company, peers, and customers on a level that establishes trust and clearly demonstrates our values and morals. We serve others in meaningful, thoughtful ways by always striving to demonstrate that our commitment to their success and to each other is always true


Kristy McCann Flynn

Kristy McCann Flynn

Co-founder and CEO

Kristy has 15 years of experience as a Strategic Human Resource Leader, Change Manager and Organizational Development Expert. She has served in senior leadership positions throughout her career – most notably with Pearson Education and Constant Contact. Kristy brings a big picture perspective and a hands-on, tactical approach to her leadership that she is now bringing to life with SkillCycle. Kristy’s goal is to help and educate companies to meet their ultimate goals by empowering their employees to take ownership of their career.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Co-founder and COO

Rebecca brings her years of experience in the HR and People space to SkillCycle as the first official employee and Co-founder. Throughout her 10 years in HR, she developed programs that optimized talent acquisition, employee retention, upskilling/reskilling, employee engagement, employee experience, succession planning, and more. She used this expertise to build People strategies that made her companies successful and protected their most valuable asset – the people. Her goal is to empower people to invest in themselves and their teams, to increase employee engagement, retention, and performance.

Jeff Reid

Jeff Reid

Co-founder and CPO

Jeff joined SkillCycle in 2021 to lead the continued evolution of the SkillCycle platform that makes it easy for employers to provide their employees with seamless access to personalized, continuous learning. He brings over 15 years of experience delivering innovative and market-leading solutions across e-learning, assessments and analytics, with experience leading product development efforts at Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and Taskstream (now Watermark Insights).

Kent Safranski


Kent has been in the technology and engineering space for over two decades working across many disciplines, languages, and industries. Over the last ten years his focus has been working with early-stage startups; leading development and growth of SaaS platforms, establishing engineering teams, infrastructure, and processes. His passion is leadership through mentoring and training – developing teams and individuals, and cultivating an engineering and technology culture that serves not only its team members but establishes relationships to foster company-wide adoption of technology.

Max Bayram

Max Bayram

Vice President, Marketing

Max Bayram has had no idea what he was doing since graduating from the University of Michigan in 1997. Without any guidance whatsoever, he made many mistakes that led him to his first job in advertising as a copywriter — which he almost immediately regretted. Looking for a way out, he stumbled his way into a marketing department where he learned how to do math. Since then, he’s used math and creative to launch major branding initiatives at places like large financial institutions like the University of Michigan Credit Union, critical city functions like the Minneapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau, and HR tech startups like Kumanu.

professional headshot of Jason Finney, Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Finney


Jason joined SkillCycle as CRO in 2023. In this role he is focused on optimizing the customer lifecycle, driving go-to-market strategy, and supporting sales and marketing alignment. Jason brings 15+ years of B2B technology sales and consultancy experience to SkillCycle. His commercial mantra is simple: provide consistent and simple buying experiences through insights, process, and technology. Most recently he served as the VP of Revenue for Localist, overseeing all sales and marketing functions. Responsible for the GTM strategy and revenue growth, he was instrumental in their successful acquisition by Concept3D in 2022. Previously he held senior leadership roles at RNL and CEB (now Gartner). When he’s not focused on the customer experience he enjoys chasing around his two young children and being a local tourist in the nation’s capital.

Justin Dile, VP of Sales

Justin Dile

Vice President, Sales

Justin Dile joined SkillCycle in 2021 and quickly proved his technical and relationship-building acumen as part of a burgeoning Sales department. In a leadership role at a fast-paced start-up, Justin balances the need to quickly build relationships and trust with future clients with a sharp eye for systems evaluation & process creation. After serving as a Military Police Officer for the United States Army and then receiving a Finance degree at the University of San Diego, Justin has smoothly transitioned industries, becoming an asset in the upskill battle faced by modern businesses.
Justin lives in Philadelphia with his husband and in his free time enjoys staying active, traveling and SCUBA diving.

Andrew Hibschman

Andrew Hibschman

Vice President, Customer Success

At heart, Andrew is an educator. Before joining SkillCycle, he spent ten years in higher education as an English professor, working both in the classroom and outside of it to develop and lead support programs for at-risk students. Through this work, Andrew built a deep expertise in driving success for stakeholders and engagement for learners. He has successfully translated his previous experience to ensure that our platform is providing you and your team the tools you need to be successful, worked to support your coachees in achieving their goals, and built client relationships that enable bi-directional communication and collaboration.


Advisory Board

  • Elise James DeCruise, Chief Equity Officer, Ad Council — Learning and D&I Strategic Advisory
  • Angela Schwers — Human Resources Advisor 
  • Ted Brodheim, President, Altimira Advisors — Education Strategic Advisor
  • Tarek Pertew, CEO, Uncubed — Sales Strategic Advisor
  • Navarrow Wright, Senior Director Product Marketing, Meta — Tech Advisor