15 Effective Delegation Strategies For Busy Leaders

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Put yourself in the right frame of mind to begin delegating as you start each day. A great first step is to change what you ask yourself every morning. Instead of asking yourself, “What do I need to do today?” ask yourself, “What needs to get done today?” This simple change takes the focus off you as the resource and puts the focus on the task at hand for all resources you choose to engage. – Jim Vaselopulos, Rafti Advisors, LLC

When You Focus On The Things That Matter

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We all go through daily evolution of ourselves and each other. It is what guides us to do the best we can do, especially when it really matters. However, it can also derail us from meeting our ultimate potential and goals when we try to do too much with such little time. When this happens, it deflates our self-worth and erodes our confidence in ourselves. And if we are not focused, we are not meeting our greatest potential

Putting Humanity At The Forefront Of Your Organization

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In the 1960s, Bob Dylan released the song “The Times They Are A-Changin’” as a way to speak to what was happening during a pivotal time in the United States. As NPR reported, “The civil rights movement was underway and demonstrations against the war in Vietnam were gearing up.”

3 Soft Skills That Are Actually Hard Skills

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There is an ongoing conversation about what skills people need to fulfill themselves and support their companies – but what these needed skills are is often ambiguous. Some say soft skills (e.g., emotional intelligence, communication and change management) are the most important, and others say hard skills (e.g., technology, customer service and basic work skills) take priority to enter and thrive in the workforce.

4 Steps To A Recession-Proof Workforce

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Today’s organizations face a complex challenge: How do keep the talent we have, and how do we get the skills needed to accomplish our goals? The simple answer is lifelong learning and education, which will recession-proof your organization. Stop throwing out talent, which does nothing but waste money and cause additional costs to culture, engagement and rehiring. Instead, create a culture of learning where you are constantly honing the skills of your talent by upskilling them in their subject areas and beyond.

Living The Fourth: Finding Yourself Before You Can Make An Impact As A Leader

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Managing people is never easy. It’s something we must work on every day with ourselves and others. We all want to protect our teams and achieve fruitful outcomes for each other to make personal and company goals happen. There are a lot of ways to stay true to our people in the process of leading, coaching and managing them and there is one way that you can fulfill your promise to them every day.

13 Tips To Help Businesses Decide Whether To “Stay The Course” Or Embrace The Latest Tech

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Since New technologies are developed and released almost daily, leaders of young businesses may think they need to implement the latest tech immediately to keep up or, if they’re in tech development themselves, rush a new product to market. But that’s not always the smartest move—with technology, as with anything else, “new” doesn’t always equal “better,” and “first” doesn’t always equal “winner.”

Adopting A Servant Leadership Mentality In 2019

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According to the Greenleaf Institute for Servant Leadership, servant leadership is “a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.” At its core, servant leadership is giving everyone the opportunity, path and spirit to learn and help others do amazing things.

Training Company Executives Weigh In On L&D In 2019

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First of all, a wakeup call from Kristy McCann Flynn, founder and CEO of GoCoach: “The headlines this year read ‘war on talent’ and ‘American skills shortage.’ It is time for companies to awaken to invest in their talent, because technology and our workforce evolution [are] moving at light speed, and the only thing that will balance this is constant learning.”