5 Steps to Offer Learning for All in Your Organization

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It’s no secret people have been leaving their jobs in massive numbers. The Great Resignation, or Great Reshuffle as it’s often called now, has affected companies worldwide as over 47 million people left their positions in 2021.

For Better Performance Management, Ditch the Annual Reviews

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Companies have been looking at performance management the wrong way—and it’s costing them.

Nearly all employees and managers dread annual performance reviews, yet they are still one of the most common performance management tools used in organizations.

Happiness Management & Avoiding The Big Money Mistakes

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There’s a new buzzword you should be on the lookout for: happiness management. While the headline of this article made me do a facepalm, it’s highly substantive on the basics. Maslow’s hierarchy is important here.

What Employees Want Companies To Teach Them

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Employees are looking for workplaces that prioritize their growth. This includes offering coaching and learning and development opportunities to succeed. It’s critical to invest in your talent to retain it.

How Not To Burn Out Your HR Staff & Employees

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Burnout in HR too often occurs, staff is overworked and tired with little to no resources to support. After over a 20 year career in HR, our CEO and Co-founder, Kristy McCann has witnessed this time and time again. Check out our blog with our recommended resources to learn the ways not to burnout your team.

What Skills Do You Want To Improve For Yourself?

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We at SkillCycle always say it takes a village to upskill. The reason for this is because people learn best when they have the support and accountability of others to keep them on track – specifically from their direct manager.

Embracing Remote Culture Part I: Understanding The Impact Of Remote Work

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This isn’t news to anyone, but the world is changing. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to improve the way they work to have a better impact on their overall lives. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen a rise in remote work as technology has evolved. But right now, it’s mostly innovative and cutting edge companies that support remote work, and it’s not yet become the “new normal.”

A New Year, A New HR

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There have been some notable changes in the workforce this past year: companies becoming “woke”, high-profile CEO dismissals, and a workplace people transformation with new opportunities ahead of us in 2020. I am so excited about the new and many ways we can help others, knowing that many of the excuses and distractions that hindered us in the past are finally going away for good!