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Personalized Coaching At Scale

It’s the words that especially for female leaders that drive us bonkers because there could be a passive aggressiveness with it where I was told I was aggressive. I was told a lot of different things as far as my style where I was trying to be assertive with the dozen executives. I

Building A Sustainable Talent Strategy

It’s a very difficult transition from colleges and universities into the workforce. And in my opinion, millennials finally said something about it, while people like us, we just went through the motions and dealt with it. But there’s a lot of knowledge that was missing there. And so, really thinking about your hires from the entry point, especially the young talent, is so smart and so critical because it helps them get assimilated and acclimated and evolve with the changes of the workforce today and the workforce tomorrow.

Cultivating A Feedback-Rich Culture: How To Build A Growth-Minded Organization

Have you been asked to give feedback, but are not sure where to begin? How often do you receive feedback from your team and/or manager? Is feedback a normalized part of your organization’s culture? Do you feel comfortable sharing feedback directly within your company? Companies with a strong feedback culture invest in talent. They provide an environment in which employees feel comfortable voicing opinions, sharing ideas, and influencing business decisions. Everyone’s voice is valued, so everyone wants to contribute.

Nailing Change Management: How To Drive Change Like A Leader

Smiling confident African-American team leader standing among colleagues and gesturing hands while explaining project plan at staff meeting in coworking space

When businesses need to make significant changes, the steps taken to implement those changes can make a big impact on how the change is perceived and embraced by employees. On the one hand, a successful change effort that gets people excited can improve the business and on the other, a poorly communicated change effort that lowers morale can hurt the health of the business